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Anna Leahy’s new book, Aperture, is forthcoming from Shearman Press in 2017.

Of this collection, poet Annie Finch says,

Anna Leahy’s generous poetic imagination encompasses women from Marie Curie to Esther Williams to Elizabeth Siddal, poet Felicia Hemans to the mothers of the characters in The Wizard of Oz, a lighthouse keeper and a plethora of saints. Leahy quotes Barthes:  “in order to look at [history], we must be excluded from it.” It is through the rare courage of distance, both aesthetic and psychological, that the lovely, compelling poems of Aperture afford us their unique glimpse of an all-too-often-ignored female universe of inner and outer significance.

And poet Victoria Chang says,

Anna Leahy’s collection of poems, Aperture, is simultaneously focused in its subject matter about women and capacious in scope, not an easy feat. The book is an aperture or an opening into essential lives that may have been forgotten. There are persona poems and third-person lyric poems that investigate women—from the mothers in The Wizard of Oz, to artists and poets, to saints, to mathematicians, to astronomers, and much more—creating a chorus of unique, yet unified female voices.  Leahy writes poems with such intelligence, concision, grace, and precision in terms of the line, language, and the word. Aperture is an arresting and necessary addition to the landscape of contemporary poetry.

Anna Leahy’s new chapbook Sharp Miracles is available from Blue Lyra Press and Amazon. After you purchase Sharp Miracles, check out the BONUS page!

Of this collection, poet Allison Joseph says,

Anna Leahy takes the ekphrastic poem out of the stuffy confines of museums and studios and turns it into a means for discovery and revelation. These poems breathe life into their subjects with a delicate touch and a thrumming heart.

And poet Sheryl St. Germain says,

Anna Leahy has written a seductive suite of persona poems in the voice of nineteenth century model, painter and poet Elizabeth Siddall. […] One is reminded of Adrienne Rich’s comments about re-vision, entering an old text from a new critical direction, being an act of survival. […] I am grateful for these bright and skillfully wrought imaginings of a woman whose life was shaped by the tension of being both subject and object, artist and muse.


Anna Leahy’s book Constituents of Matter won the Wick Poetry Prize. BUY THIS BOOK using the Amazon or B&N button above or at Kent State University Press.

That which occupies space; substance; experience; subject of concern, feeling, or action; difficulty; quantity; something set down in writing; from the Latin mater, mother. What matters, ultimately, in Anna Leahy’s crafted cosmology, is that family, lovers, thinkers, and saints shine like stars through each and every one of her intelligent words. – Kathy Fagan, author of The Charm

In Constituents of Matter, Anna Leahy looks hard and long at the “solid things” of the world and discovers that they are both reflected and refracted by time. The matter that constitutes her experience occupies a space that is “immense” with “emptiness” but is also “buoyant” with “joy.” Like the moose she looks at and who catches her looking (“Moose, Looking”), I find that I’m contained by a “large life” that’s revealed in intervals of repose and stillness. – Michael Collier, author of Dark Wild Realm

LEAHY WEB COVAnna Leahy’s chapbook Turns about a Point was published by Finishing Line Press and is available from Amazon. Three of the poems also appeared online in Air & Space Magazine’s special feature for National Poetry Month in 2009.

Poems by Anna also appear in the anthologies A Face to Meet the Faces (University of Akron P), City of the Big Shoulders (University of Iowa P), The Next of Us Is about to Be Born (Kent State UP), and On the Wing: American Poems of Air and Space (University of Iowa P).